I love some good soul food, and I found just the place to get the best soul food in Midland.

Doris J.'s Kitchen is located where Chinese Kitchen used to be on Illinois & Midland Drive.

The first plate I got there was smothered pork chops with mashed potatoes, candied yams, and fried okra and there was nothing left when I got done.

If I didn't have any manners I probably would have picked up the plate and licked it clean but my mother would step down from heaven and beat my butt like there was no tomorrow if I ever did such a thing.

But the food was that good, and my roommate got the meatloaf with trio greens, sweet corn, and mac & cheese. I got a taste of his plate every time I would tell him "well look at that" and he would shift his attention away from his plate so I could try another sample.

I will definitely be going back because they have some awesome stuff to choose from.

Get yourself a cheeseburger (or a veggie burger if you are being healthy), fried pork chops, smothered pork chops, fried chicken, baked chicken, fried catfish, smothered turkey wing, chicken spaghetti, chicken & dumplings, beef tips & rice, southern style meatloaf, and BBQ sausage. If you are being adventurous, get the oxtails, or the braised neckbones.

Some of the foods are only available on certain days during the week which just means you will have to go back again and again.

The sides you can choose from are candied yams, trio greens, cabbage, black-eyed peas, fried okra, mashed potatoes, red beans & rice, sweet corn, green beans, mac & cheese, cornbread dressing, broccoli & rice, fries, and onion rings.

Give them a try at 4200 W. Illinois, suite #160 in Midland, or call them for more information and to call in an order at 432-247-1128.




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