We always love to have rainfall here in West Texas, until it causes problems like the ones that were created in the Ector County Cemetery.

According to NewsWest 9, several families had the grave sites of their loved ones sink down as much as a foot.

Irene Jimenez found her mother's grave at the cemetery was one of the many that had sunk during the heavy rain.

"They texted me that the graves had sunk because of the rain I guess, and I told my daughter let’s go check on my mom’s. And you know hers is kind of sunken too, but I don’t know when they’re gonna get to it you know to fix it," said Jimenez.

The Jimenez family is not the only one, Mark Luna also had some of his family's graves that sank as well.

"We did notice that there was a lot of holes. I mean the gravesite was sinking, and it’s pretty sad because there was a lady out here crying saying that she felt like she was burying her own son again and that really touched my heart," said Luna.

The groundskeepers spent the day filling in the graves that had sank and had them all filled in by the end of the day Tuesday (June 1, 2021).

"I was very upset this morning but sitting here since 9 o’clock in the morning, it’s that these guys started doing their jobs, and they are doing a fine job now you know. They’re trying their best to get everything covered, and I appreciate that somebody stepped up and started doing it," said Luna.

Luna also said he hopes they do something about the flood waters coming in from Muskingum to prevent anything like this happening again.

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