Remember Spencer Hastings' decathlon pal Andrew Campbell on 'Pretty Little Liars'? The one she played a sexy game of strip trivia with? Well it looks like he'll be returning in Season 5.

Actor Brandon Jones revealed yesterday (April 21) that Campbell will be coming back on the show, tweeting his character's name card along with a script from the episode 5x04 read through.

So why is Andrew back?

Unfortunately for Spencer, Andrew often pops up at bad times in her life. When we last saw him he was giving Spencer study drugs so she could stay up and look into Ali's recently discovered diary.

Which of course led to her mind taking her to a fictional noir fantasy world and being sent to rehab by her mother for her recurring pill popping problem.

Let's hope that this time Andrew is merely returning to express his undying love for Spencer and not to do something that will land her in a facility again.

Season 5 of 'PLL' returns to ABC Family at 8PM ET on Tuesday, June 10.