Replacement vaccines have already been distributed, but the disadvantage of Presidio being a rural community is causing problems with delivering them at the proper temperature.

According to NewsWest 9, when the state sent out the first round of Moderna vaccine, which was scheduled to be delivered January 5, 2021, the employees of Presidio County Medical Clinic opened up the shipment and found out the vaccines were too warm and were no longer good.

The Moderna vaccine does not have to be kept at an extreme low temperature like the Pfizer vaccine, but it does have to be kept at a temperature of -13 degrees to +5 degrees Fahrenheit to make sure it maintains its effectiveness.

The good thing that came out of it all was that the state was able to send a replacement batch which arrived January 11, 2021 and clinicians were able to give out all of those doses the next day.

Unfortunately the clinic does not know when it will get its next batch of the vaccine right now.

The clinic is needing the next batch soon because the second dose of the vaccine which is required for proper inoculation must be administered in the next couple of weeks.

Presidio County Medical Clinic is confident they will receive their second batch before they need to administer the second dose to those who have already received the first shot.

That is the challenges of being a rural community in the middle of a pandemic but the state is making sure to get rural communities the vaccines they need.

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