Rihanna's home turned into a scene from one of her own extravagant music videos Monday night (August 13) when police swarmed her Hollywood home — aircraft included. Thankfully, though, it was just a case of a mistaken alarm.

According to TMZ, "Law enforcement sources say they responded to a home alarm at the singer's home Monday night. In a video — obtained by TMZ — multiple units can be seen parked outside the property. An LAPD helicopter was also spotted hovering about Rihanna's home in response to the alarm."

The site adds that while the alarm was, indeed, accidental, there is pronounced police presence around the singer's estate as consequence to a previous intruder.

In May, TMZ reported that "Eduardo Leon of Orange County was arrested for felony stalking. He's being held on $150,000 bail." The 26-year-old reportedly made it inside Rih's house and tampered with her alarm. He even wound up staying the night at Rih's property before police apprehended him with a taser.

Thankfully, Rihanna was not home at the time, as Leon ultimately told police he intended to have sex with the singer.

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