Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of Hollywood's biggest box office draws and arguably one of the world's sexiest men alive (according to People in 2016, anyway). Now, it seems Johnson's got a clone out there who wants in on the action!

Okay, there's no actual clone, but there is a police officer somewhere out in Alabama right now who bears an uncanny resemblance to the WWE superstar-turned-movie star — and he's totally going viral because of it.

Patrol Lieutenant Eric Fields of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office is going viral on Facebook and TikTok after the station shared a photo of the police officer on their official social media. Sure enough, not long after the photo went up, social media users became gobsmacked by just how closely Fields resembles the Jungle Cruise actor.

On Facebook, the comments section is filled with bewilderment and puns. One person even suggested that Fields be called “Dwayne 'The Cop' Johnson,” while another asked if he could take his shirt off to check for Johnson's famous tattoos. (We suspect an ulterior motive on that one, heh.)

In an interview with Good Day Alabama, Fields revealed that he has been with the department for 17 years and has previously been compared to his considerably more famous Jabroni-beating, pie-eating, trailblazing and eyebrow-raising doppelgänger. His response? Just "go with it."

Aside from Fields' growing cyber-fanbase, locals in the Morgan County area have also taken to their very own celebrity — so much so that people have even requested to meet Fields in person.

"This gentleman recently ran into Sgt. Mason and informed him he wanted to meet our Deputy that people say looks like 'The Rock'," the police department shared on Instagram alongside a photo of Fields with a local worker. "Sgt. Mason passed that along and Lieutenant Fields was happy to swing by the Hartselle Walmart to see him. Tyler is one of their many hard workers and it was great to meet him and some of his coworkers!"

But The Rock isn't the only WWE legend with a viral look-alike. Ironically, just a few weeks ago, the internet dubbed one man the "Black John Cena."

It all started when 24-year-old bodybuilder Brendan Cobbina posted a photo of himself on Twitter, where users were shocked by how much he looks like John Cena — another wrestler-turned-Hollywood star — with muscles and a jawline everybody could see, despite what Cena's famous tagline might suggest.

It seems Cena was tickled by the resemblance, as he even re-posted Cobbina's photo on his own Instagram account.

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