Newly released body camera footage shows what happened when a Muskogee, Oklahoma police officer killed a suspect on January 17.

Officer Chansey McMillin was dispatched to a Muskogee church after the pastor called police when a woman came to him saying a man outside threatened to kill her.  Officer McMillin approached 21-year-old Terence Walker and said he was going to pat him down for weapons since the 911 call mentioned Walker having a gun.  The visibly nervous Walker took off running and McMillin followed.

The body cam footage shows Walker drop something, stop to pick it up, and turn before McMillin fires five shots.  Pastor Andre Jones, who called 911 on walker and witnessed the chase and shooting, approached McMillin and asked McMillin to allow him to check on Walker.  When other officers arrived, Jones told them what he saw and defended McMillin's actions.  According to Pastor Jones, it was very chaotic following the shooting,

Everybody running outside, neighbors coming, so we just trying to keep the people back and calm because they didn't know what was going on, so immediately they was accusing the police of shooting an innocent person, but they did not know that he had come up here to kill somebody.

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