I've always been a Disney movie fan , and when Pixar came onto the scene I fell in love with their whimsical storytelling as well. As Pixar has new feature set to debut in June, I thought I would share which movies I have seen, and not seen.

1. Toy Story, 1995

Seen! I love this movie and it's one that I will watch again and again. Buzz Lightyear and Woody's unlikely friendship and clever dialogue entertain me to no end.


2. A Bug's Life, 1998

Sorta Seen... I remember seeing bits and pieces of this movie, but I'm not sure I remember seeing it all the way through from start to finish.


3. Toy Story 2, 1999

Seen! Woody gets kidnapped, and it's Buzz Lightyear to the rescue. I love that new toys like Barbie and Ken are introduced into the film, as the toys must leave the house to get Woody back.


4. Monsters, Inc., 2001

Seen! This film is so creative in concept. Who doesn't remember fearing the monster under the bed or in the closet. I love the imaginative way the writers envisioned the monsters at working filling their scare quotas.


5. Finding Nemo, 2003

Seen! 'Just keep swimming.' Ellen is so funny as Dory in this movie. Between her funny moments and the sea turtles and their laid back ways, I'm not sure which are my favorite scenes.


6. The Incredibles, 2004

Seen! Another great Pixar movie that I have watched over and over again. I love the way they took Super heroes and showcased their human qualities, but also showed how everyone wants to fit in, only to realize that what makes them different - makes them special.


7. Cars, 2006

Seen! Owen Wilson is Lightning McQueen and my favorite car in the film. Mater is great, and Larry the Cable guy really brought him to life... but how could you not love that little red sports car?


8. Ratatouille, 2007

Seen! I've got to go back and watch this one again now that I've taken more of an interest in cooking. I loved the story line of rat in the kitchen that's cooking and not spreading germs and nastiness, but now I will have an even great appreciation!


9. WALL-E, 2008

Seen! I loved this movie. This movie shows what our society could become if we don't take time to disconnect from all of our devices and fast food binge eating.


10. Up, 2009

Unseen... I'm really sad that I have not seen this film. I'm not sure what was going on in my life during its initial release that prevented me from seeing it, but it's on my must watch list for this year.


11. Toy Story 3, 2010

Seen! This movie is brilliant in so many ways. Pixar fans have found loads of 'easter eggs' in it tying it to the first two films and with others in the 'Pixar Universe.' It's sad, but beautiful and a must watch.


12. Cars 2, 2011

Unseen. I have not made the time to sit down and watch the sequel to one of my favorites, but I've added it to the watch list for 2015.


13. Brave, 2012

Unseen. Again I'm sad that I haven't seen this one yet. I have heard so many wonderful things about this story, and I love the actress who voices Merida. I think this one may get bumped to the top of my watch list.


14. Monsters University, 2013

Unseen. The monsters got a prequel! Billy Crystal and John Good reprise their roles, from what I hear the movie is hilarious. Also added to the Netflix list.


15. Inside Out, 2015

Unseen. This one isn't out yet, but it's on my list to see this summer. With a great voice cast of Amy Poehler, Mindy Kahling, Diane Lane and Kyle McLachlan it's sure to be great!