From R&B girl band member to rebel rock star, Pink has been holding her own as a pop favorite for more than twenty years.

With one of the most preeminent voices of her class, the three-time Grammy Award-winner’s timeless canon of lyrical compositions helped heal listeners from all walks of life. Whether you were a broken-hearted teen or a part of the bullied and misunderstood, just about everyone could relate to Pink's indispensable, sassy hit songs.

From her dark horse anthem "Perfect" to her bare-skinned ballad "Who Knew," music's greatest daredevil leaves behind a trail of glitter and smoke with every vocal delivery. To show our gratitude, we’re revisiting our favorite vocal showings by the mezzo-soprano icon.

Check out our fave vocal moments from the star, above, and be sure to share any we may have missed in the comments.

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