Sure, he may be biased, but Pete Davidson seriously can't get enough of Ariana Grande's Sweetener.

On Saturday (August 11), in a video posted on the pop star's Instagram, Grande asked her beau to share his absolute five favorite songs off her upcoming album, Sweetener. And Davidson didn't disappoint.

"My top five? ‘God Is a Woman’ because that s--- f---s hard. Seriously, that s--- bangs. That slaps hard," he gushed about the singer's latest single, while she erupted into giggles in the background of the video.

"That and then my song, which is called ‘Pete,’ which is pretty sick because that's me," he continued. "And then I’ll go ‘R.E.M.’ and then I would go ‘Sweetener’ because it’s just very happy and very fun. And ‘Better Off’ because it’s sick… They’re all sick."

Watch the cute exchange, below:

This isn't the first time Davidson has gushed about his fiancée's music. In an Instagram Story posted a few weeks ago, the comedian called Grande's single "God Is a Woman" "bonkers," adding that it was his "fav one on the album."

Sweetener is out Friday, August 17. Grande will perform at the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday, August 20.

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