This will not help ease the rivalry between Midland and Odessa, Permian's football coach has just accepted the job as Athletic Director of MISD.

According to, Blake Feldt has been the head coach of the Permian Panthers football team for the past five years but is now taking his talents East to become the new Athletic Director for MISD.

This means that the coach for Permian will now be head of athletics over two of the biggest three rivals Permian has dealt with over the past several decades, Midland Lee and Midland High.

Feldt said in a statement he had been planning an "exit strategy" for the past two years to "move on and do something different."

Feldt says he feel the interest in Midland athletics has dropped off significantly and he wants to bring interest back to the sporting events in not only football but the other sports that are played as well.

Football will definitely take on a new look this fall and now ECISD is on the hunt for the next football coach of the Permian Panthers as Midland gears up for a revitalization of their sporting programs across the board.



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