It's Friday, July 12, so to celebrate it basically being the weekend (in our brains, at least), celebs spent the day being far too humorous for their own good. Or shilling their own stuff, but we don't care about that nonsense.

Patton Oswalt and B.J. Novak could not stop talking about the awesomeness of 'Sharknado.'

Anna Kendrick reminds ladies that they don't need to try so hard.

According to Jake Johnson, Abe Lincoln had his priorities in line.

Andrew WK wants details from Amanda Bynes.

Mara Wilson made a joke that was equal parts pun and nostalgia.

Oh Ellen DeGeneres, we see what you did there.

Michael Ian Black took the music at Starbucks terribly personally.

Margaret Cho has big plans for getting on 'The View.'

And Tyra Banks reminds us that 'ANTM' is on the horizon.