While the 2017 Oscars strangely included one living person among its memorial segment — accompanied by a Sara Bareilles performance — it left out at least one late member of the film industry, Patricia Arquette has said.

Arquette, whose sister Alexis died in September 2016, claims the Oscars' choice to leave Alexis out of the reel was a huge slight to the family and, more broadly, to the trans community. Alexis had appeared in dozens of films before her death including The Wedding Singer and Pulp Fiction.

"Alexis was a great actor, and had 70 credits, and was really brave to live her truth as a trans woman, and they didn’t include her in the memorial," Patricia told Entertainment Tonight. "I think that was a real slight to the trans community, especially at this time when trans kids can’t even go to the bathroom in the United States of America at school. It says a lot about the lack of inclusion — trans kids can really never look at anyone and see their heroes, and I think that was a big mistake."

Alexis died in September 2016 from what TMZ reported were complications related to AIDS. She'd been battling the condition in private and Patricia honored her on social media with a snippet of David Bowie's "Starman." "Breaking through the veil singing StarMan," she wrote.

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