A new survey found PARENTS much more likely than kids to cry on the first day of school.

Over the past few days, thousands of kids headed to school for the very first time and naturally, there will be some tears; but not from the kids, it's the parents crying their eyes out!

More than half of parents say they felt overwhelmingly emotional the first time they dropped their kids off at school. Three-quarters say it felt like the end of an era and 44% immediately considered having another baby.

Half of parents also say after their kid started school, things were never the same; they noticed a difference when they cuddled with their kid from that point on.

No need to feel down mom and dad, because now you have a chance to catch up on all those things you couldn't do with the kids around. You know what I mean...not that! I meant taking selfies of what activities you're enjoying while the kids are back in school. Some one is going to win some pretty cool stuff.

Just upload your selfies here and get ready to win!

(Daily Mail)