The icy weather continues around West Texas as freezing rain began falling this morning on top of already icy roads.

I left the house this morning thinking that the roads would at least be better than they were earlier Thursday, I was wrong, as I was greeted with pelting rain. Dry ice is just above hazardous to drive on. Add rain to the mix and it's, as a friend of mine put it, 'Slicker than octopus snot'.

NewsWest 9 is reporting that the National Weather Service has:

...extended the Winter Storm Warning, area-wide until 6am Saturday morning. More freezing rain, possibly mixed with sleet, will develop over the area after midnight and continue through Friday afternoon. Any additional precipitation will add to ongoing travel problems.

Authorities are urging everyone to please stay off the roads if you don't have to be out. 
Freezing rain and snow will continue through tonight. Saturday appears to be the first day we'll get above freezing long enough to put a dent in the poor driving conditions, but refreezing overnights, will cause early morning driving to be challenging.
Be safe and stay tuned for the latest weather updates.

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