Just when you didn't think the Oscar Pistorius murder case, in which he's charged with killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, couldn't get any worse, it did.

Heads up: What you're about to read may be disturbing.

A new report alleges that Pistorius actually beat Steenkamp with a cricket bat before shooting her.

Police told Steenkamp's family, who saw her body before her cremation, that the model suffered skull-crushing blows to her head before she was shot.

Pistorius' attorney says that the Olympian used the bat to break down the bathroom door after the shooting, not realizing that his girlfriend -- not an intruder -- was inside. Pistorius, who broke down sobbing in court and is currently released on bail, reportedly thought Steenkamp was still in bed and says he screamed for her to call the police.

The double amputee insists that the bat became blood spattered at the scene of the accident, but forensics teams are looking into the possibility that it was used as a bludgeoning tool before Steenkamp was fatally shot.

Meanwhile, murder raps appear to be a family trait. Oscar Pistorius' brother, Carl Pistorius, is currently facing "culpable homicide" charges and is being repped by the same defense attorney, Kenny Oldwage.

It's alleged that Carl killed a motorcyclist in an automobile accident. He was initially charged with negligent driving, but the charge was withdrawn and replaced with culpable homicide. Carl was not drinking at the time of  the incident.

Carl attended a hearing in his own case just two days before Oscar's bail hearing.

We imagine this family's feuds to be pretty scary ... but for holiday dinners to be endlessly exciting.