Barely seven months out from its series finale, and Orphan Black is already regenerating. The fan-favorite sci-fi will continue its brand of Crazy Science with a new IDW comic series following Cosima, Delphine and some 274 other clones.

IGN revealed the new sequel comic, which will arrive this June penned by Orphan Black: Deviations writer Heli Kennedy and drawn by Fico Ossio. Crazy Science will follow the star-crossed Cosima and Delphine as they travel the world curing the 274 other clones. According to the description, the pair will “fall deeper in love, and deeper into a mysterious agenda which threatens to tear apart their noble mission, and their hearts.”

Fellow clones Sarah, Alison, Helena and Rachel will all likely put in appearances, while writer Kennedy said of the new project:

I’m so excited to send Cosima and Delphine around the world. A scientist-superhero couple, saving clones in amazing locations — I couldn’t ask for much more, story-wise. And I can’t wait to delve into who they are, outside of science. Both as a couple and individuals. Their intense love-work relationship is the perfect ‘in’ to explore their dreams, fears, families, the skeletons they keep hidden...all the good, challenging bits of a complicated relationship.

As for a TV return, Orphan Black bosses have expressed interest in the possibility of a spinoff or movie down the line, but showrunner Graeme Manson will be busy with TNT’s Snowpiercer for the foreseeable future. We’ll see more of Orphan Black: Crazy Science before June, so stay tuned.

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