And you probably think your mom is embarrassing! But chances are 13-year-old Directioner Aisling Bailey has you beat: Her mother is not only a big One Direction fan, too -- she has 20 1D tattoos on her body to prove it!

At 47, Jayne Bailey is more than twice as old as Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne, but that hasn't stopped the Wolverhampton, England, resident from covering her body in all things 1D. Among the former pub manager's many tattoos are replicas of Harry's two swallows and Louis' large stag, along with each guy's birthday and signatures (see photos of her and her tats here).

"I love the band. I think they're great, it's something me and my daughter can do together," Jayne says. "People stare but I just get used to it."

The band members' love of tattoos is well documented, but some Directioners have been outspoken about what they believe the guys would think of Jayne's body ink. "I've had abuse on Twitter -- even from 13 and 14 year old girls," she reveals. "They say things like, 'They will think you're stupid, they'll hate you.'"

The single mom's most recent tattoo was coincided with the release of 'This Is Us' in movie theaters, and she acknowledges she's nowhere near finished getting inked up. "I'm mature enough to know whether or not I want a tattoo," she says. "Some people look at me strangely but the people that know me, know that it's who I am. I'll be devastated if they break up, but I'm old enough to know what I'm getting myself into."

Interestingly enough, we haven't heard any feedback from her daughter! But what do you think, PopCrushers? What would you say if your mom got some 1D tats?