Global domination! One Direction brought a performance to the Spanish version of 'The Voice' and did a hilarious, candid radio interview with Kiss Kiss in Italy.

'Story of My Life' is a global smash, as evidenced by their appearance on the reality show.

The boys have performed the song in a circle, with each member taking center stage during his parts, and they haven't changed it up as the song's cycle continues. It's a great stage move and we're glad they continue to do so.

During this performance, the Spanish Directioners were as loud as the band, singing along and acting as their backup harmonizers.

The boys also interviewed with Kiss Kiss Radio in Italy. They were interviewed by a band, which made it fun. Kindred spirits!

Whose favorite musical is 'Cats?' Who is the farter of the band? Gasp! Who is the messy one? Hint: He is the ankle-shower, and he says everyone is messy, but he gets the blame for being messiest. You will find all of these answers when you watch this 15-minute clip.

They also talk about the 'This Is Us' doc and which member is learning to play guitar. Niall Horan reveals the first song he ever learned on the instrument, too.

No spoilers here. Watch it!

Watch One Direction's Kiss Kiss Radio Interview