You already knew Liam Payne of One Direction was a strong guy -- he used to box, after all! The toned hottie showed just what he was made of when he held his own against professional wrestler Kurt Angle for 1D Day. Payne brought the, well, pain!

Payne sported a lucha libre wrestling outfit, complete with "Payne Train" emblazoned across the chest, for his match with the WWE alum on 1D Day (Nov. 23).

Zayn Malik chimed in during a ringside interview that Payne usually gets beat up on the tour bus by the other guys, and that he's seen the lucha libre suit before ... and that Payne planned on wearing it to a fancy dinner party.

The Payne Train weighed in at 170 pounds, facing off against Olympic gold medalist, TNA Impact wrestling superstar Angle, who clocked in at 235. Whoa! The pair exchanged some trash talk, and Payne seemed pretty eager to attack even before the match started! Angle told the announcer, "I'm gonna start real easy, just to see if he has any kind of skill."

Turns out, Angle didn't have to go so easy on the Payne Train -- because Payne whooped his butt! (Keep in mind, though, that pro-wrestling is usually choreographed ... and Payne is the best dancer in the group!)