One Direction are a billion dollar business with a new album out next week, so they are the current Billboard cover stars.

Right now, they are happy and love what they do, but Simon Cowell, the architect behind the band, says he thinks they will break up! Gasp!

Leave it to Simon the Acid-Tongued Sour Puss to be negative. But relax, Directioners, the boys say all is right, good and happy.  in their universe.

For their soon-to-be blockbuster 'Midnight Memories,' out Nov. 25, the members of 1D were intricately involved in songwriting and playing on the album. That is part of the reason they are so happy. Take that, Simon.

The band co-wrote lyrics to 12 of the 14 songs on the standard, along with co-penning three on the 18-track deluxe version. Niall Horan plays guitar on the record. The band nods to alt folk and glam rock influences, as well. It's all them.

Producer Julian Bunetta said this was intentional, saying, "The facts we knew going into the making of this album was that they were going to do a stadium tour, so we wanted to make sure these songs really felt at home when you play them for that many people live as well as when you put it on in your car."

'Midnight Memories' was written in pairs and individually, and in hotel rooms and on tour buses while on tour. Hunky Harry Styles said that the album's eclecticism comes from the fact that "we have really different taste in music, Niall's really into his '80s rock and you know Zayn and Liam are more into R&B. I think you can really feel our musical influences throughout the album."

Horan admitted he loves the Eagles, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and the Who.

Still, Cowell, the man who put them together after nixing them as individuals on the British version of 'X Factor,' rained on the parade a little, saying, "Eventually they probably will split and up and maybe want to have their own careers. The choice is theirs, and we've got the opportunity to do both. But from what I hear, they're really enjoying what they're doing and we don't feel there's anything seriously wrong here. They're getting more time off and I hope they stay a band for a long time."

A split is not imminent. They declare that they are happy, with Liam Payne insisting, "We just love what we're doing right now. We've got no intention to change that." So things are solid in the 1D camp! Whew.

"Who knew we would be here three years ago? We're just going to focus on tomorrow and go from there," said Louis Tomlinson.

Amen! We are focusing on the positive that came from the horse's mouth.