Electricity safety is a priority to Oncor and they are now offering safety training to elementary students all over West Texas.

According to NewsWest 9, Oncor has developed a new program this year where they will tour around West Texas schools and give elementary students the do's and don'ts of electricity safety.

They will provide simulated arcing demonstrations on power lines and how to put a storm safety kit together among with several other activities and demonstrations.

Oncor says they want to educate children on the importance of electric safety.

"We want to emphasize with families that accidents are preventable," says Grant Cruise of Oncor, "we think with that age group, electrical safety should be given the same priority as let's say swimming safety or fire safety."

Oncor will be in Odessa this week and will go around schools in Big Spring next week.

Midland and other communities around West Texas will be visited shortly thereafter.

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