On this date in history a Doctor had a dream, the Beatles tried the whacky weed for the first time and the first ever radio commercial aired.

51 years ago: In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. declared "I HAVE A DREAM!to 250,000 people in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

107 years ago: In 1907, two ballsy Seattle teenagers started up a local delivery service called American Messenger Company.  Today, Jim Casey and Claude Ryan's little company is known as UPS (United Parcel Service).

92 years ago: In 1922, the FIRST-EVER RADIO COMMERCIAL AIRED,on WEAF in New York City.  The 10-MINUTE ad was for the Queensboro Realty Company, who paid a fee of $100.

53 years ago: In 1961, "Please Mr. Postman" was released by the Marvelettes.  It became Motown's first #1 hit.

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50 years ago: In 1964, after a show in New York, THE BEATLES supposedly went backstage with BOB DYLAN andSMOKED REEFER FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME.

49 years ago: In 1965, THE BEACH BOYS' hit "California Girls" peaked at #3 on the chart.

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42 years ago: In 1972, MARK SPITZ won the 200-meter butterfly at the Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany.  He would go on to win SEVEN GOLD MEDALS at that Olympiad alone and set WORLD RECORDS in all seven.

33 years ago: In 1981, JOHN HINCKLEY JR. pleaded innocent to the attempted murder of PRESIDENT REAGAN.  He was later acquitted by reason of insanity.  Don't worry, though he's still under lock and key and charged with the murder of James Brady.

32 years ago: In 1982, the MEN AT WORK album "Business as Usual", the one with the monsta jam "Down Under", entered the charts and began working its way to the #1 position, where it would eventually stay for 15 weeks.

26 years ago: In 1988, the 40th annualEMMY AWARDS were held in Pasadena, California.  "The Wonder Years"and"Thirtysomething" were named Best Shows.

18 years ago.: In 1996,  PRINCE CHARLES and PRINCESS DIANA were "officially" divorced after 15 years of marriage.

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