The city of Ft. Stockton will take over a former bowling alley location and turn it into a new police station.

According to, the mayor of Ft. Stockton says they had looked at different locations but eventually decided on the former bowling alley because it made the most sense.

The police department is currently working from three separate locations and trying to consolidate down to one without costing taxpayers a lot of money was the main thing the city was looking into.

"Fort Stockton is doing very well economically right now," said Chris Alexander, mayor of Ft. Stockton. "But, I also feel like our tax payers are burdened enough."

City Council approved the purchase of the old building in lieu of getting a loan to convert the building into the new police station and get the force all working out of the same place.

City Manager Frank Rodriguez says they plan on having all the renovations done by the end of the year to start out 2019 with a brand new police station.


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