The cold weather in the Permian Basin offers many challenges for drivers and Corporal Steve LeSueur of the Odessa Police Department wants to underscore the increased vulnerability to car thefts during this season.

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Car thieves, Corporal LeSueur says, are actively seeking opportunities to find a vehicle, particularly targeting motorists who leave their vehicles running to keep them warm during chilly mornings and throughout the day into the evening.  A large number of stolen vehicles can be attributed to spare keys left inside the vehicle or even worse, leaving your keys left in the ignition.  In 2023, the reported cases of stolen vehicles rose and have reached several hundred.

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To prevent auto theft, Odessa Police Department offers the following suggestions:

1. Be aware that leaving keys in the ignition with the engine running and the vehicle unattended is illegal. Violation of this can result in a fine of up to $140 (Texas Transportation Code 545.404 - Unattended Motor Vehicles).

2. Don't leave or conceal spare keys in your vehicle.
3. Some insurance policies may not cover vehicle theft resulting from this practice.

4. Using a remote start device allows legal unattended running of the vehicle.

5. Report any suspicious activity, individuals, or vehicles to the Odessa Police Department.

If you adhere to these suggestions and to these precautions, you will be safeguarding your vehicle and will minimizing the risk of being a victim of car theft and saving yourself the headache of insurance forms and even worse NO VEHICLE!

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