Odessa has just been named the 25th community in Texas considered music friendly.

According to CBS 7, Odessa is not commonly thought of when you think music, but a group of West Texans are trying to change that and the recent acknowledgement of being a "music friendly community" helps out a lot.

Adam Nunley is the head of the Odessa Music Community Advisory Board and has made a career out of music all over Texas.

“I’m from here. I’m proud to be from here,” said Nunley. “This is to help us all come together and build the community.”

When people think places to get good music in Texas, the bigger cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are forefront in their mind, not Odessa, but that could be changing.

“Our main goal is to make West Texas a spot to stop at on the map for entertainment,” said Nunley.

That goal has been made easier now that Odessa has been named Texas' 25th "Music Friendly Community," that is basically the state's seal of approval that Odessa is making their mark in the arts and entertainment scene.

“If you’ve got a band that’s in Dallas, and their next tour stop is two days later in El Paso, they’re going to see our music-friendly certification and say, ‘Hey, I could probably entertain a few people in Odessa along the way and break up that trip,” said Randy Ham, Executive Director of Odessa Arts.

This will help to get local artists recognized across the state and around the country possibly too and bring more artists to the area with this certification.

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