The day before the state lifted their mask mandate, Odessa city council voted on Tuesday to remove the mask mandate within the city.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the council voted 6-1 to take away the mask mandate one day before the state of Texas removed their mask mandate and opened up all businesses to 100%.

The one vote against was from City Council member Mari Willis who had this to say:

“I think we’re very close to where we would like to be. I don’t think we’re there yet,” she said during the virtual meeting. “But I do applaud everyone who has played a part in helping to bring our numbers down. I’m proud of our community.”

Council member Mark Matta said he hopes the citizens of Odessa respect others decisions to wear or not wear a mask.

“My hope and prayer is that nobody gets offended, nobody gets mad, they just practice the golden rule and treat others like they want to be treated,” said Matta.

The council thanked Odessa Regional Medical Center along with Medical Center Hospital for their work over the past year and currently as we are still dealing with COVID-19 cases across West Texas.

Cases are down and that is a good thing and the reason why city council and state governments are easing restrictions put in place a year ago.

But it is necessary to stay diligent and wear your mask even if you have gotten your COVID-19 vaccine, and if you haven't gotten the vaccine, schedule your appointment or plan a time to go get it done.

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