The Odessa Hispanic Chamber has been given two months to get a plan in order for the future.

According to NewsWest 9, Odessa City Council gave more time to the Hispanic Chamber siting recent personnel decisions gave them reason to extend the time for the organization to get their plan for the future in order including how they will distribute taxpayer funds.

Filiberto Gonzales Odessa City Councilman for District 5 said “The ODC has a right to ask. The city council has a right to ask what’s happening with the funds. There is a possibility of being able to re-write a new contract.”

The Hispanic Chamber says the contract is on a year-by-year basis and if after the 60 days is up and if the plans are not good enough then the contract between the city and the chamber could be terminated.

The agreements are in place to improve trade in the oil industry and other industries between the city of Odessa and Mexico.

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