The Midland Rockhounds are a minor league farm team of the Oakland A's and just recently shared photos of some substandard meals that were served to the team after a game in Amarillo.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the pictures showed a meal served to a Rockhounds player that had a sandwich with no meat and just a slice of cheese and lettuce and tomato with a scoop of coleslaw.

When the MRT contacted the Athletics, they sent them the following statement:

“Several weeks ago, we were made aware of the postgame meals being served to players in our Minor League system. Those options were completely unacceptable and by no means meet our quality standards. We immediately ended our relationship with that third party vendor.”

The president of the Oakland A's also had this statement:

“We apologize to our players, staff, and coaches. We will redouble our efforts to provide the best options for our team at every level.”

The players are reportedly only making $15,000 annual salary in the minor leagues and are afraid to speak out about mistreatment because they fear retaliation.

Major League Baseball is under a new agreement which makes their clubs provide meals to their minor league teams and players.

The team reportedly will get a new vendor to provide decent meals to the minor league teams under their jurisdiction to make sure the players are better taken care of.

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