The future of Nueva Vista Golf Course will come up for discussion and a vote this coming Tuesday at the Midland City Council meeting.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the issue is that the golf course has been on the market for some time and no one has made and offer, so the city has decided to come up with a plan for the area and put it to a vote this Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

Many who live in the area are opposing that it be turned into additional housing for the area, most residents are wanting to covert the area to a green space and make it into a walking park or other kind of green space instead of doing more housing.

The item will need to be approved by a super majority or 3/4 vote by city council.

The people living in the area of the golf course claim that turning the area into a housing development would cause their property values to go down, therefore the residents are against the area being zoned for more housing.

They say the green space will be a quality of life improvement that Midland has sought out for a long time.

Mayor Patrick Payton has been paying attention to the issues raised by the residents around the golf course and will take those concerns into the meeting along with the other council members.

“I, along with each and every council member, have been listening at length to the residents and parties surrounding Nueva Vista,” Payton wrote in an e-mail to the MRT. “I have the fullest confidence each member of council will make their voting decision based on their eventual conclusions rooted in personal principle. I’m thankful that the discussions have been very respectful and civil through a situation that can, at times, be very personal.”

We will see how it goes at the city council meeting this Tuesday, July 13, 2021.

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