Edward Scissorhands is a popular Tim Burton movie from 1990 about a man who has scissors for hands. He is befriended by a Avon sales woman and is introduced into a neighborhood resulting in both a good and bad outcome. That's not what is happening in this North Texas neighborhood but does involve a random man with clippers trimming trees without the permission of residents at 3 in the morning.

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Man Dubbed Edward Scissorhands

Fort Worth Police have received reports of a man coming through a neighborhood and randomly trimming their trees without permission at 3 a.m. Some residents are amused, while others are a upset, with this Edward Scissorhands as he's been dubbed. The man has been shown on security camera footage walking up to a tree on the edge of a property, pulling out pruning shears and cutting off small portions of a limb or entire limbs from a tree.

CBSDFW via YouTube
CBSDFW via YouTube

He Cuts Either a Little or a Lot

The reason some residents are upset is they believe he could be causing enough damage to the trees that their homeowners association would say that the tree would need to be replaced, costing the resident hundreds of dollars.

CBSDFW via YouTube
CBSDFW via YouTube
Sometimes he'll just take a little bit, but then in other people's trees he'll take massive gobs. We're all liable for those trees per our HOA, so if something happens to the tree everybody is paying hundreds of dollars per tree to replace them. - resident Ashley Thomann told KTVT

Police Have Been Made Aware of What's Going On

It is unknown is police believe this man is committing a crime but residents have filed reports. They hope that the release of the security camera footage will help in possibly identifying this Edward Scissorhands or at least let him know that they want him to stop.

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