In what sounds like the Adventure Mad Libs of movies, Nicolas Cage has signed on to the film Primal, which will see him as a big game hunter transporting a boat full of exotic creatures, including a white jaguar and a crazy political assassin, who all, shocker, escape and wreak havoc. And only one man can stop them. I mean… are tickets on sale yet? Because we’re extremely down for this.

Nic Cage, in what is maybe his third or fourth comeback phase at this point, is in the middle of a lot of exciting projects, from the TIFF-lauded Mom and Dad, to his upcoming Panos Cosmatos movie Mandy, which will, among other things, send him to the wilderness drenched in blood. Cage these days seems like the kind of guy to say, “Hell yeah, that sounds great” whenever his agent forwards him the weirdest script they can find, and we’re HERE FOR IT.

Primal will be directed by stunt coordinator Nick Powell (The Bourne IdentityX-Men: The Last Stand) and according to The Hollywood Reporter will star Cage as game hunter Frank Walsh who books passage on a Greek freighter shipping a hull full of exotic and dangerous animals. What he doesn’t know is that another passenger onboard is a political assassin secretly being extradited to the U.S., who proceeds to break free of his captors and set all the animals loose in the ship, wreaking beautiful havoc. Will our hero Walsh step up to the plate and save the ship and her crew from a marauding white jaguar?

Primal will begin shooting in Puerto Rico October 23.

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