Never fear my Texas brothers and sisters, if you don't get to see a total solar eclipse today, you can see a total eclipse in 2024.

According to Time and, the next total solar eclipse happens in seven years and the track of totality will run right through central Texas.

The path will be about 150 miles wide starting at the border in Del Rio, Texas and Piedras Negras in Mexico to almost Laredo and will cut a path northeast up through Waco and the DFW area and then stretch all the way up the country to Ohio and Pennsylvania.

It will begin around the same time as the solar eclipse today and reach totality around 1:35 pm. Check out the map to see how the path will go in 2024.

Make your vacation plans now, you have seven years to get that request in and get ready to see the total eclipse of the sun right here in Texas on April 8, 2024.

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