Everything we've heard about 'Man of Steel' suggests that it will be one of the films to beat this summer, an epic superhero adventure unlike anything else coming out this year. So why isn't the marketing selling that movie? A new banner for the highly anticipated film has arrived and it's just more of the same.

If there's one thing 'Man of Steel' needs to do, it's make it very clear that it's not 'Superman Returns,' which opened to mediocre box office and a bunch of shrugs back in 2006. The new banner is pretty, but it's also an image of Superman that we've seen a thousand times before...and it looks a heck of a lot like the poster for 'Superman Returns.' We're not saying that we need a poster featuring Superman throwing a giant robot into the sun, but we've had enough of Superman quietly hovering against the sky. Show some imagination, Warner Bros. marketing team!

'Man of Steel' arrives on June 14th. We'll hopefully get a decent poster in the next few weeks.

Warner Bros.