I love me some Little Debbie snack cakes and earlier this year when they announced they were getting ready to unveil some ice cream flavors named after the tasty treats I was all in.

What I didn't realize is how fast they were going to sell out at the store. It took me several weeks before I was able to find any at Walmart where they are available exclusively. The problem is when they get a new batch in they fly of the shelves as fast as they put them out.

Well. get ready because here we go again!


Little Debbie and Hudsonville Ice Cream, the makers of Little Debbie Ice Cream just announced they are adding two more flavors beginning on May 28, but will be only available for a limited time. The inspired flavors are going to be Star Crunch and Unicorn Cakes Sparkling Strawberry. I swear I thought I've seen them in the store already but maybe it was just a case of wishful thinking.

Star Crunch is made with caramel ice cream, thick fudge and choco crispies. The Unicorn Cakes Sparkling Strawberry is of course, strawberry-flavored ice cream with a blue icing icing swirl, purple sugar crystals and pound cake pieces. These two flavors will be seasonal items, according to this article.

Good luck on finding the new Little Debbie Ice Cream flavors at a Texarkana Walmart or Neighborhood Store they're always sold out, at least when I go. I've been lucky and been able to find them most of the time at the Walmart in Ashdown. The best part about Little Debbie Ice Cream is the price $2.50 for a pint. You better get them while you can because like everything else, I'm sure it will be going up.

I don't know how this couple got their hands on the Star Crunch before it's available on Saturday.

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