Be real. As a parent, anytime you go to the mall, you do what you can to distract the kids from the candy store or the popcorn place, or even the Dippin' Dots, geez the struggle is real. That was me the other day at the Odessa mall as I was strolling for the after Christmas sales. But it didn't work. My child found the 'hot, new thing,' a cool new place that we just had to step into.

Have you seen this cereal looking, dry ice in a cup that kids are all about? There is now a Creamlab N2 in the Music City Mall. Luckily I remember a thing or two from chemistry class so I know that N2 stands for Nitrogen, so I'm assuming these Trix looking cereal balls are made with some sort of liquid nitrogen.


My little one loves the smoke part. lol Here is what I found on YouTube as to how the process works:

Take it from me, this is the store you want to fast walk past or you will get suckered into smoky balls like I did. In all honesty, they were fun. It reminded me of my chalk candy cigarette smoking days when I was my little one's age or stepping outside on a fun snow day or super cold day to 'pretend smoke.'

P.S. This cup of smoky balls will set you back about 11 bucks and they do have ice cream and other cool stuff on the menu.

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