Just in time for Texas Independence Day, Texas receives the newly authorized Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine today, March 2, 2021.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, on the 185th anniversary of Texas' Independence from Mexico, the first doses of the Johnson & Johnson one dose COVID-19 vaccine arrives in the state.

The first 24,000 doses will go to federal vaccination sites in Dallas, Tarrant, and Harris counties in Texas but by next week there will be another 200,000 doses will come into Texas.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine does not require extreme cold storage and can be kept in a normal kitchen refrigerator temperatures plus it only requires one dose where Pfizer and Moderna require a booster shot 3 weeks after the first dose.

Texas had 1,981 new COVID-19 cases last week bringing the overall total since the pandemic began a year ago to 2,647,845 total cases just in the state of Texas.

COVID-19 deaths last week were only 59 which brought the overall total deaths in Texas to 42,995.

Active cases are on the decline though, over the past 2 weeks the total cases have decreased by 29.3% according to John Hopkins University

I have my first COVID-19 vaccine scheduled for this Thursday for the Moderna vaccine, with my second dose scheduled for 3 weeks after that on March 25, 2021.

I am ready to get the vaccine and any other booster shots that may be required in the future to prevent myself from getting COVID-19 and dying from not being able to breathe.

If you have not scheduled your vaccine and you are in the eligible phases, make sure you go to your local healthcare facility and get registered.

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