So you have just made the decision to move to the Permian Basin. Maybe for work or the possibility of a better job. First thing, congratulations!!! Midland/Odessa is beautiful, and full of friendly people and oil rigs and all that comes with it.

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The Permian Basin produces more oil and gas then any place else in the United States. With that comes a skyline full of oil rigs and pumpjacks. You need to be prepared for oilfield traffic, from the sea of white double cab pickup trucks to the sand hauler and oil transfer trucks. It is always busy here.

Now for some differences between Midland and Odessa. It has long been said Midland is "white collar" and Odessa is primarily "blue collar". Midland is larger and has a beautiful downtown area with the addition of the Bush Convention Center and numerous restaurants and shops. Odessa is spread out and famous for "Friday Night Lights"; the high school football rivalry lives on and now, with the addition of the University of the Permian Basin College Football team, sports is an even bigger part of the West Texas tradition.

Housing is a little harder to come by, whether you are wanting to rent or buy. You will need to contact a real estate agent or house finder service as soon as possible to express your desires on location, price, etc.

But by far the best part of the Permian Basin are the sunrises and sunsets, painted with colors that you don't find in big cities. Bless our west Texas skies and their starry nights.

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Regardless of your reason for moving to the best part of Texas, your days and nights will be filled with opportunities for fun and many friendly people.

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