MoviePass is one of those helpful ticketing deals that allows subscribers to see multiple movies a month at a reduced rate. For one monthly payment, you can see one movie per day essentially for free, and if you’re someone who goes to the movies a lot and can feel those box office prices squeezing your wallet dry, it’s always been a pretty good investment. Today, it turned into a ridiculously good investment.

MoviePass has reduced the monthly rate to just $9.95 a month for one 2D screening per day— which is a few dollars more than half the price of one movie ticket at a regular theater. Before this, the rate ranged anywhere from $15 to $50, depending on where you live, which sounds like a lot but does pay for itself if you go see five movies or more in one month. But man, $9.95? That’s less than a single ticket, and it means you can go see one movie a day for thirty days for the same price as a Netflix subscription.

This reduced rate comes as Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. bought a majority stake in MoviePass.Ted Farnsworth, chief executive officer at Helios and Matheson, told Bloomberg that the goal is to collect a larger subscriber base in order to collect data on viewing behaviors to better tailor ads to customers. MoviePass is increasingly popular amongst millennials who are familiar with the streaming age, and who theater chains are trying more an more to attract, even with ticket prices rising every few years. And a lower price would be fantastic news for youngsters who’d rather spend their money on avocado toast than houses — today’s MoviePass rate news caused the site to crash after new subscribers rushed to take advantage of this great deal.

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