It's great the things you can find on You Tube about classic moments in Midland/Odessa radio history.

After finding the composite of KRIG, I found the station that all the former KRIG DJs went to once it signed on the air in 1984.

"K-WES, The Hot 102 FM" signed on in January 1984 as the first FM Top 40 radio station in the Midland/Odessa area, and after KRIG-AM was turned into classical music, all the DJs migrated over to the new FM station and it quickly became the #1 station in Midland/Odessa and stayed that way until late 1989.

So all the music from the mid and late 80s was all broadcast on 102.1 for all us young adults growing up here in the Permian Basin.

The composite covers the early years of "The Hot 102 FM" from the beginnings in 1984 to 1986.

If you grew up here, then you can remember all the good times that were had listening to K-WES and all the good times that happened at Water Wonderland since K-WES broadcast there pretty much all summer long, and if they were not live the radio station was blaring on all the speakers that were covering every square foot of the water park.

They were also the first radio station to have the big boom box they carried around to all of their live on sight broadcasts, and if you had a bumper sticker on your car and they pulled you over, well you won a bag of KWES KA$H. When I got pulled over my bag of cash had $150 in it which went a long way for a young adult partying at the clubs at that time.

Enjoy the flashback to when gas was just over a dollar a gallon and we were all in our acid-washed jeans and had big hair, AHHHHHH the 80s.


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