When I first saw my friend, Tyler, post about sitting at a bar and having a conversation that is not a surprise. I think that is how I met Tyler myself. He is the kind of guy who has never met a stranger. He can strike a conversation up with just about anyone.

So seeing that he was at OHMS sitting at the bar talking to someone is no surprise. What is a surprise is the fact that he was having a conversation with someone from the Paramount hit television series "Yellowstone." Oh, and he had no idea.

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He is one of the very few who doesn't watch the show. Heck, twelve point one million tuned in Sunday night to the season five premiere. Tyler was just not one of them. If he did he may have known that Teeter was sitting and having a conversation with him.

You know who Teeter is, right? She is the spunky pink-haired girl in the bunkhouse. You would think that she would stand out anywhere. Turns out that Teeter doesn't have pink hair in real life.

credit: Youtube Paramount Network
credit: Youtube Paramount Network

Teeter, is played by Jennifer Landon and she was in Amarillo over the weekend. She stopped at OHMS to have a drink and some conversation. It turns out my friend Tyler was the one sitting near her. As I said before Tyler can strike a conversation up with anyone.

Oh, and if the name Jennifer Landon sounds familiar at all it would be because she is the daughter of another famous Landon. If you grew up watching "Little House on the Prairie" Or "Highway to Heaven" you will know her famous dad. The late great Michael Landon.

So she was destined to be a star. She was destined to make a stop in Amarillo. I am sure she was thrilled to be at OHMS having a real conversation with my buddy Tyler. Talking about the drink she was having at the time and how much she had always wanted to visit Amarillo. According to Tyler:

very nice gal, said she had always wanted to visit Amarillo. She was having a “great f’n dirty bloody martini.

Did he get a picture with Teeter? Well, no. He had no idea he was talking with someone from Yellowstone. He is not much into the celebrity hoopla. Once he realized who she was he didn't think it was appropriate to snap a photo. That was about when others in the place noticed who she was.

After all of that Teeter left to avoid all of that. She was really enjoying her time at OHMS. I just wish she could have finished the night in peace.

She was beautiful and spunky! I think she enjoyed knowing that we had no clue who she was. I just thought she was a normal person, grabbing some drinks and some dinner as she stopped in Amarillo for the night before heading to Ft Worth and I was just a friendly local telling her about our city. How I started the convo as I sat down down next to her “ahh drinking a dirty bloody, looks good.” Her: “I don’t know what the fu*k it is, but it’s fuc*ing delicious.” I told her about butlers around the corner and their dirty bloodies and asked if she was from Amarillo… that’s when I’d assume she figured out I had no clue who she was so we started chatting away just like two strangers at a bar do trying to find that common ground….. then, numbnuts showed up.

So if you are out and about in Amarillo and you notice someone famous it is ok to recognize them It can be ok to go up and acknowledge that you recognize them. Just don't make them feel like they have to leave their delicious drink unfinished.

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