Mission: Impossible 6 is currently filming on location in Middle Earth — I mean, New Zealand, and director Christopher McQuarrie is still taking Instagrams of the cast. Today, McQuarrie posted a fantastic portrait of Henry Cavill in his spy outfit sitting in what’s probably a helicopter. There’s no telling whether he’ll actually be in a helicopter in a movie or if this was taken while the actors were being flown to whatever location they’d be filming in. It is New Zealand, after all.

Take a look below at Cavill and his spy mustache, and we’ve also included a few of McQuarrie’s other recent behind-the-scenes photos as well.

Between this and Logan, I’m really loving this trend of directors posting artsy photos of their cast and sets on social media. And that one shot of wherever they are in New Zealand is absolutely gorgeous.

We STILL don’t know exactly what this movie is about, or who most of the cast is playing. Obviously Tom Cruise is Ethan Hunt, we know that one, and Angela Bassett is apparently the new CIA director, but who are Cavill and Ving Rhames playing? Are they Ethan’s buddies or are they trying to hunt him down? Why are they going to New Zealand? And what could Tom Cruise’s “mind-blowing” stunt for this movie be, if he’d trained for it for a whole year?

Hopefully McQuarrie will be less close-lipped about the plot of this movie soon and will stop just putting “…” in the descriptions of all his Instagrams. The people need to know!

Mission: Impossible 6 also stars Alec Baldwin, Rebecca Ferguson, and Vanessa Kirky, and hits theaters July 27, 2018.

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