Since the CDC has lifted mask mandates, many companies and now school districts have decided to drop the mask mandates as well.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Monday night, Midland Independent School District's Board voted 4-3 to lift their mask mandate.

The CDC is still saying that schools should keep their mask mandates in place, but MISD has decided as of May 24, 2021, masks will no longer be required at school events, but any student that wants to can still wear one.

MISD staff wanted to keep the mask mandate in place at least through the end of the school year since not enough students have been vaccinated yet.

Midland Health officials also wanted to keep the mask mandate in place at school through the end of the school year to keep COVID-19 numbers down within the county.

Those that wanted the mask mandate lifted argued that no one was wearing masks in public anymore and the Chamber of Commerce's State of Midland event was even a maskless event.

Parents of MISD students had also stated in the public forum that it was time for students and teachers to see each other's faces for the first time this school year.

Is it too early to lift a mask mandate? That is the question. With only two weeks left until school is out, it does seem odd to lift a mask mandate.

But with COVID-19 restriction burnout, we are all ready to get back to some semblance of pre-pandemic normal, but with variants popping up now, will we live to regret this decision? Hopefully not.

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