After months of debates and suggestions, the MISD school board has decided on a new name for Lee High School.

According to NewsWest 9, the new name, voted 5-2, will be Legacy High School.

The board did not accept the suggestion by the renaming committee of "Legacy of Equality and Excellence" but instead decided just the name "Legacy" was better.

The school's mascot and colors will remain the same but the Confederate Rebel will be replaced with a rebel from the American Revolutionary War period instead.

The Citizen's Committee will be the ones to decide the depiction of the Revolutionary War rebel and submit choices for the board to decide on.

When will all of this be implemented?

"While the school will be named Legacy, the process of rebranding at the campuses will be gradual. Small steps will be taken as soon as is practicably possible, but larger capital projects may take time as we plan for the financial and logistical impact of changes," said the MISD School Board.

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