MISD approved the budget for the 2019-2020 school year including  teacher pay raises, property purchased for a new school and apartment complexes purchased for affordable teacher housing.

According to NewsWest 9, Midland Independent School District approved the budget which raises teacher wages to 53,500 including increases to counselors and support staff wage increases also.

Acquisition of property was also approved in the meeting. This includes the purchase of Ranchland Hills Golf Club for 9.5 million for eventual use to build a new school.

Once the deal is closed then MISD will lease the clubhouse and course back to Ranchland Hills for one dollar annually until November 1, 2020 when the club must cease all operations and relinquish the property to the school district.

MISD also purchased two Midland apartment complexes that will be for the sole purpose of teacher housing once MISD takes over.

The two complexes are Simpatico Apartments located at 2910 W. Michigan and the Town and Country Apartments located at 3310 Bedford which were both purchased for a combined $3.2 million.

MISD has also gone into a deal with Weidner Apartment homes recently to provide decreased rent and move in costs for teachers within the district.

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