Midland Independent School District and Midland Development Corporation are teaming up to try to put together an aerospace program for high school students.

According to NewsWest 9, also in the mix in a non-profit organization called Higher Orbits is included in the development of a high school aerospace program.

"A three event STEM focused program for up to 65 high school students to show them how to work with STEM and to excite them about careers in aerospace and space. It's for students of all ability levels. It's not just focused at the kids who are already passionate about that, it's for any student who's interested," said Sara Harris, Executive Director of Midland Development Corporation.

This all ties into the various space companies that are already at the Midland International Air and Spaceport.

This will allow the students to work in a one-on-one environment with astronauts and create their own experiments.

"To my knowledge it's the first specifically aerospace focused program for high school students in Midland. The timing and the student selection process will be entirely up to the school district, so they'll work it in with students who are interested and available and with the school district's calendar," said Harris.

The investments already made by MISD and MDC are well over $110,000.

"That includes all supplies, all speakers that will be astronauts working one-on-one with the students and it also includes the final competition stage in which a winning group of students will see an experiment launched to the International Space Station," said Harris.

If approved, the program could kick off as soon as October 2021.


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