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Minneapolis Girl Raises Money for Looted Businesses With Friendship Bracelets

Kamryn Johnson, a 9 year old girl from Minneapolis, is showing her appreciation for businesses that were looted by making friendship bracelets. Proceeds from each bracelet sold goes to help those in her community affected by riots and looting. Johnson has raised over $40,000 so far. (via Good Morning America)

Does Playing Hard To Get Actually Work?

A study conducted by the University of Rochester confirms that yes, playing hard to get does make a person seem more attractive and in-demand. (Maybe it's the thrill of uncertainty that comes along with pursuing someone you're not sure is interested in you?) And on the other hand, people who are too easy to attract may be perceived as more desperate.  (via Study Finds

Beyonce To Sign $100 Million Deal With Disney

Superstar singer Beyonce is very close to signing a $100 million deal with Disney following her work on The Lion King. The deal reportedly includes a song on the Black Panther 2 soundtrack and voicing future documentaries to air on Disney Plus. (via Daily Mail

Lizzo’s Powerful Message to Fat Shamers

Singer Lizzo posted a video of her workout routine on TikTok alongside a powerful message for people to stop judging each other. Watch below:

Funny New TikTok Baby Challenge Is Everything We Need Right Now

After a previous baby challenge went viral on TikTok, some parents decided to step it up a notch. Parents are spilling water on their babies, in a joking manner, and seeing their reactions. Watch below:

Meet the World's Tallest Dog

Have you ever met someone taller than 7 feet? Meet the world's tallest dog: a Great Dane who clocks in at 7'4!

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