Miley Cyrus hosted and served as the musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live' last night (Oct. 5) and the verdict is in. She was a winner. While she may not prefer acting, she demonstrated deft comedic timing and truly shined as the host.

From her stripped down (not in that way!) and acoustic performance of 'We Can't Stop' to her hilarious and big-haired mockery of Michelle Bachmann to her spoof of her own 2013 MTV VMA performance to the appearance of old Miley aka Hannah Montana, who questioned the actions of "new" Miley, Cyrus was engaging and funny.

She showed herself to have a terrific sense of humor about herself. She was fluid and on point with her lines, too!

Some of the funniest bits of the episode, which very politically driven, given the circumstances of the government shutdown and Obamacare, are as follows.

In the opening skit about her 2013 MTV VMA performance bringing about the cultural end of America as we know, she received an An American Girl doll named Molly from old Miley, since she old Miley mentioned that new Miley sings about the doll in her songs. That was a subtle and brilliant touch.

In Cyrus' opening monologue, she addressed her alter ego, saying, "Hannah Montana was murdered" as Bobby Moynihan spoofed 'Wrecking Ball,' nakedness, red combat boots and all.

The government shut down was parodied to perfection with a video and lyrically amended version of 'We Can't Stop.' Apparently, the government can stop.

Cyrus also donned a ladies-who-lunch suit while appearing as Hillary Clinton.

Miley Cyrus as Michelle Bachmann and Hillary Clinton? Never in a million years would we have thought...

As for her performances, she ripped through 'Wrecking Ball' while wearing an oversized hockey jersey and emoting through and through.

She later returned to the stage to sing 'We Can't Stop,' seated and surrounded by several acoustic guitarists. She also donned a white onesie that would seem demure until you realized it was see-through.

Her performances were the only times she was serious, so we got both sides of Miley Cyrus on the ep.

Anyone that was anti-Miley, due to her tonguing and twerking, will probably be pro Miley now! She was that good.

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