Before she was twerking at the VMAs or frolicking the beaches of Malibu like a happy hippie, Miley Cyrus was living the best of both worlds as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.

On Thursday (May 11), the pop star visited Radio Disney, where the hosts surprised her with her old Hannah Montana audition tape.

Watching the video, Cyrus was re-introduced to her 12-year-old spunky self—complete with "I Should Have My Own TV Show" t-shirt—as she belted out a song during her Disney Channel audition.

In the clip, young Cyrus also piped up about her sibling, now-rising pop artist Noah Cyrus, saying, "My little sister sings all the time, it's so funny!"

Meanwhile, when asked if she was signed to a music label yet, the confident pre-teen quipped, "No, but it's going to happen," prompting current day Cyrus to burst out laughing. And, well, she wasn't wrong.

Watch below:

And check out some of Miley's audition footage, below:

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