Miley Cyrus and husband Liam Hemsworth were leaving their hotel in Barcelona, Spain over the weekend following Cyrus’ headlining performance at Primavera Festival when a fan got much too close to Cyrus and put his hands on her inappropriately.

Fans waited outside Cyrus' hotel all day to try and catch a glimpse of the pop star. When Cyrus and Hemsworth exited, an overzealous young man started shoving his way through the crowd of fans towards the singer.

He approached Cyrus quickly, tugging at her hair before grabbing her body and leaning in to try and kiss her. Luckily, she turned away before he could force a kiss onto her face. Security then stepped in to distance herself from the man while her husband put his arm around her.

Watch the intense fan encounter, below.

Cyrus filled in last minute at the festival after Cardi B dropped out for unconfirmed reasons. Cyrus performed all six of her new songs off her latest EP, She Is Coming, the first of three releases that will collectively create a full album, She Is: Miley Cyrus. The next EP, She Is Here, will be released this summer followed by She Is Everything by the end of 2019.

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